CPR – Water Plant Split Case Water Pumps Protection

CPR – Coats NSF Water Pump

CUSTOMER: A municipality in southern Ontario

PROBLEM: Significant corrosion and drop in efficiency of pump used for distribution of drinking water in pumping station

PRODUCTS: NSF Epoxy / Polymeric Coatings


CPR: Blast preparation to required specifications followed by two coats of NSF Grade Epoxy / Polymeric coating followed by a pinhole (Holiday Test) to confirm integrity of coating.

Proven Facts: Virtually any NSF epoxy / polymeric coating will give you an efficiency enhancement over a typical metal surface. So it is a recommended procedure to apply an appropriate NSF Coating to all pumps.

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Pump as pulled from pumping station showing significant corrosion.

After application of an epoxy / polymeric NSF coatings. Great Job!

Note: This is the right decision in any regard to coat your pumps with an approved NSF coating. There are of course some NSF coatings that are better than others.