CPR – Prepares and coats the internals failed areas of a Fuel Storage Tank.

CPR – Fuel/Gas Storage Tank Coated

CUSTOMER: A petrochemical company in Ontario

PROBLEM: Previous coating was removed to check welds for cracks on the outermost five feet inside the tank as well as 1 foot up the walls

SUBSTRATE: Carbon Steel

APPLICATION METHOD: Materials were applied by brush and squeegee. Dehumidification Equipment and a Genset was required to power the units.

CPR: Blasted and applied a chemical resistant Epoxy / Polymer to the prepared surface areas to resist and future failures of the coated surface.

Note: Typical fiberglas coatings will fail in just a few years due to the wicking of any exposed fiberglass through the top coats. Typical chemical resistant epoxy / polymers are a better choice every time, which is why they are used to repair deficiencies with the fiberglass.


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Storage Tank measuring 42 feet X 40 feet high

60 KW Gen Set in back ground and dehumidification equipment in foreground

Blaster finished blasting substrate

Application of first coat of beige to be followed by black and then pinhole tested once cured.