CPR Repairs Damaged Sidewalk

CUSTOMER: A university in Guelph, Ontario


PROBLEM: A tough winter of freeze and thaw produced lots of concrete damage at this and other facilities.


APPLICATION METHOD: Concrete and steel guard rail were hand ground to a fresh substrate. CPR conditioner was applied to all repair areas including the guardrail that would be encapsulated with Magma Quartz. CPR Material was mixed and applied with the use of a poly sheet covering the board to act as a release agent once the product was cured in the short 4 hours.

CPR FACTS: CPR Magma Quartz is a 100% solid material and does not shrink. It is typically 10 times the strength of high strength concrete and will produce a long-term repair to virtually any substrate. It is also used to protect metal surfaces that suffer from abrasion damage.



Damaged sidewalk area

Damaged area is conditioned and boarded

Board removed to expose finished job